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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I must be honest here....this is a story that a fellow colleague of mine shared, that I must 'share it forward'...Who doesn't love a good story....YES...this is for REAL !! "A few days ago I entered the men's restroom and was astounded as to what was before me... as shock and bewilderment set in I was fixated on the Trophy that was staring back at me.. At first I was completely disgusted and then my emotions turned to pure amazement as I discerned the information of the surrounding battle ground. It reminded me of a previous tale, albeit, Legend, that occurred here several years ago... "The Legend of the Defiant Fist". Word has it that a giant prize was left in the commode that was so defiant ...it refused to be flushed back to its fore-fathers. I thought how could this be? Has the Legend returned? What was so amazing was the fact there was no evidence of a struggle, no tissue disposal, only a towering statue similar to the sword in the stone. I thought which brave warrior had been here? This is proof of the dedication to the endeavours that go on here. This soldier was so consumed to his art that no time could be spared... there was no time to issue fine linens to the delicates, no time to cleanse the hands of battle. Just fire the spear to the throne and retreat as swiftly as possible, leaving behind a collosal tribute to the mystery of the Legend. Desperately, I tried my on conquest, but failed, left only to watch in dismay as my own personal tribute disapeared into the flood, feeling less satisfied, no doubt, than my predecessor. I resorted to tending my own delicates and further bathe my hands before returning to my duties. To this brave warrior, I salute you in your prize. I will not shake your hand however, but I salute you none the less." I thank you....and you know who you are, for this grotesque and "belly laugh" story you shared with me today. Unfortunately, the visual will stay with me FOREVER !!!

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  1. Did he flush before he deficated or did he salute and tend to his business on top of his predecessor?