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Thursday, May 12, 2011


My 'ole work buddy, M.A.J posted something on her Facebook that I just love and would like to share, especially with those who are not Facebook followers...

"I'm going to 4 weddings this summer!! HOTDAYUMMM!!! Always the bridesmaid never the bride...LOL...For now I guess I will just stay married to myself. _____ will you take _____ to be your lawful wedded wife? I do, I do!!!!
God I love that girl!!!"
We must embrace our singleness.......It's OK....We're OK....We truly are. Just ask your married friends....Ask them to tell you the truth.

1 comment:

  1. Jo
    Do you mean the truth about being married? Well the honeymoon and true person doesn't usually come out for a couple of years. So, if you are saying that getting married isn't worth it- then I would have to say that most people wouldn't step up to the plate and let a friend know. Not many people will admit that that their life is based on a fairy tale....
    Snow White